Alt Spec UAS


Alt Spec offers a seasoned and qualified team of drone inspection pilots and experts in visual inspections, thermal inspections, and vegetation management and can scale to meet client requirements. Our core expertise crosses major industry and infrastructure sectors including electric power generation, transmission, and distribution; oil and gas; telecommunications; transportation; and real estate. Our drone inspection program improves safety, enhances quality, and reduces cost when compared to traditional manned inspections.


Our Mapping services generate high-resolution, highly-accurate data and volumetric measurements. We deliver 2D & 3D corridor mapping, pre-construction land surveying, construction progress documentation, and stakeholder visibility on project sites, right of way, private properties, buildings, and other infrastructure. Our mapping methods have been proven to add value to our customers by reducing field time and mapping cost, providing more accurate and exhaustive data, and reaching more inaccessible areas in a safer manner when compared to traditional mapping methods.


Our partnered consulting approach allows our customers to focus on what they do best. From front end services such as strategy development, procurement, and project or program management, to execution support such as subcontractor management, safety oversight, and regulation management, we become an extension of your team and create ways for your company to implement drones into your business safely, compliantly, and efficiently.


We offer high quality drone photography and videography for a variety of special event and marketing needs. Our aerial imagery and reels can be used to transform how you market your projects and property and is especially beneficial for the real estate and vacation industries as our media provide an intriguing and immersive experience. The reveal of our drones at special events provides the wow factor and documents your special moments from an alternate perspective.